Wednesday, 14 January 2015

22 Ebury Street - Ian Fleming

Between 1934 and 1945, Ian Fleming lived in London at 22b Ebury Street.  This would be the place that he stayed at whilst working during the war for Naval Intelligence.  22 Ebury Street consists of 4 different apartments and Fleming stayed at "B".
22 Ebury Street - Ian Fleming Flat

Ebury Street also gets a mention in Ian Fleming's Moonraker and it is the home of Sir Hugo Drax.  

"God, the man moves quickly, thought Bond, doing a racing change round the island in The Mall with Drax already passing the statue in front of the Palace.  He kept the Bentley in third and thundered in pursuit.  Buckingham Palace Gate.  So it looked like Ebury Street.  Keeping the white car just in view, Bond made hurried plans.  The lights at the corner of Lower Grosvenor Place were green for Drax and red for Bond.  Bond jumped them and was just in time to see Drax swing left into the beginning of Ebury Street.  Gambling on Drax making a stop at his house, Bond accelerated to the corner and pulled up just short of it.  As he jumped out of the Bentley, leaving he engine ticking over, and took the few steps towards Ebury Street, he heard two short blasts on the Mercedes' horn and as he carefully edged round the corner he was in time to see Krebs helping the muffled figure of a girl across the pavement.  Then the door of the Mercedes slammed and Drax was off again."  - Moonraker - Chapter 19 - Missing Person  

Blue Plaque Stating Ian Fleming Lived Here

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